17 Killed, Over 100 Injured In Explosion At Dhaka Building

By Abhi Singh www.balakvalue.in Image Credit: Google

A massive explosion occurred in a building in Dhaka's Moghbazar area on March 6, 2023.

Image Credit:  NDTV

According to initial reports, The explosion was caused by a gas leak in the Dhaka.

Image Credit:  Ai Jazeera

17 peoples have been confirmed dead, and over 100 others peoples have been injured.

Image Credit:  Flipboard

The injured have been taken to different hospitals in the area for treatment.

Image Credit:  India Today

The building has been severely damaged, and nearby buildings have also suffered damages.

Image Credit:  UNB

Rescue operations are underway, and the area has been cordoned off by the authorities.

Image Credit:  New Age

The explosion occurred in the morning, and several people were inside the building at the time.

Image Credit:  New age

The incident has raised concerns about safety measures and regulations in buildings in Dhaka and across Bangladesh.

Image Credit:  NDTV

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