Bhojpuri Star Pawan Singh Gets Attacked With Stone at Live Show

By Abhi Singh Image Credit: Google

Bhojpuri actor Pawan Singh was attacked with a stone during a live show in Buxar, Bihar.

Image Credit: Google

The incident took place when Pawan Singh was performing at a Holi event in Bihar.

Image Credit:  Instgram

The stone hit the Bhojpuri Star Pawan Singh on his back and he fell down on the stage.

Image Credit:  Instgaram

The attacker was identified as a man named Ritesh Pandey, who was caught by the police.

Image Credit:  Instagram

The police have registered a case against the accused under relevant sections of the IPC.

Image Credit:  Instagram

Bhojpuri Star Pawan Singh was given first aid and later resumed his performance.

Image Credit:  Instagram

This is not the first time that Pawan Singh has faced such an incident in the live show.

Image Credit:  Instagram

In 2018, the actor was attacked with stones and bottles during a show in Bokaro, Jharkhand.

Image Credit:  Instagram

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