Data Of 600,000 Hdfc Bank Customers' Leaked On Dark Web, Bank Denies

By Abhi Singh Image Credit: Google

The data of 600,000 HDFC Bank customers was allegedly leaked on the dark web.

Image Credit:  Rediff mail

The leaked data includes names, phone numbers, and email IDs of the customers.

Image Credit:  Knowledia news

The cyber criminals demanded a ransom from the HDFC bank to prevent the data leak.

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HDFC Bank has denied the data breach and assured customers of their safety.

Image Credit:  Getty Images

The bank has launched an investigation to identify the source of the leak.

Image Credit:  India  Today

The Reserve Bank of India has asked HDFC Bank to strengthen its IT systems.

Image Credit:  Knowledia news

The incident has raised concerns about the security of customer data in the banking sector.

Image Credit:  Rediff Mail

Experts advise customers to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity on their bank accounts.

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