Delhiites Drank Up Liquor Worth 60 Crore On Holi

By Abhi Singh Image Credit: Google

Delhiites spent a whopping 60 crore rupees on alcohol during the Holi festival.

Image Credit:  Miss Malini

According to reports, Delhi registered the highest sales of liquor in the country on Holi.

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The state government had imposed a "special corona fee" on liquor, which did not deter consumers.

Image Credit:  News NCR

Despite the high prices, long queues were seen outside liquor shops across the city.

Image Credit:  India Posts English 

Some shops ran out of stock due to the high demand for liquor in Delhi during Holi.

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Social media was flooded with pictures and videos of people celebrating Holi with alcohol.

Image Credit:  Society

The Delhi police had issued several advisories to ensure that people celebrated responsibly.

Image Credit:  Miss Malini

The authorities had also set up special teams to keep a check on drunken driving and other violations.

Image Credit:  Miss Malini

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