Hdfc Bank Users Confidential Data Leaked, Claims Hacker

By Abhi Singh Image Credit: Google

HDFC Bank has confirmed that it's investigating a possible data breach after a hacker claimed to have leaked customers' confidential data.

Image Credit:   Reuters

The hacker claims to have obtained data of 7.5 crore Indian cardholders and is allegedly selling it on the dark web.

Image Credit:  Relief Mail

The leaked data includes customer names, addresses, mobile numbers, and credit card information.

Image Credit:  Mint

HDFC Bank has said that it has taken action and is working closely with external cybersecurity experts to investigate the breach.

Image Credit:  ET BFSI

The Reserve Bank of India has also been notified about the breach and is closely monitoring the situation.

Image Credit:  Zauee

HDFC Bank has advised customers to change their passwords and use two-factor authentication for added security.

Image Credit:  Times Of India

The bank has also assured customers that it's taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of their data.

Image Credit:  India Today

The data breach has caused concern among customers and raises questions about the cybersecurity measures of Indian banks.

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