Japanese Woman Who Was Molested On Holi Opens Up After Leaving India

By Abhi Singh www.balakvalue.in Image Credit: Google

Following the Holi celebration in Delhi, a 22-year-old Japanese woman who was harassed during the event has finally come forward to speak about the incident.

Image Credit:  Hinustan Times

The video, in which a group of men can be seen forcefully smearing colours, smashing an egg on her head, and groping her, quickly went viral.

Image Credit:  Gulf Insider 

Though the woman, known as Megumi on Twitter, had initially shared the video on the platform, she deleted it soon after.

Image Credit:  Flipboard

The responses to the video left her feeling "terrified," prompting her to take it down.

Image Credit:  Inida TV News

Despite the incident, the woman expressed her deep admiration for India, stating that she has visited the country many times and finds it fascinating.

Image Credit:  Inida TV News

The incident has caused a great deal of outrage in India, and the authorities have launched an investigation into the matter.

Image Credit:  Hindustan Times

This woman's story highlights the urgent need for better safety measures for foreign tourists visiting India.

Image Credit:  Zee News

The incident has also sparked a national conversation about the safety of women in India, with many calling for stricter laws and better enforcement of existing laws.

Image Credit:  Inida Today