Malayalam Industry Actress Alleges Torture By Ex Boyfriend

By Abhi Singh Image Credit: NDTV

Actor opens up about the alleged torture and abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

Image Credit:  Zee News

She claims that he was possessive, controlling and would physically assault her regularly.

Image Credit:  The Indan Expess

The actor says she was in a toxic relationship for a long time and didn't speak up earlier due to fear.

Image Credit:  The News Minute

She hopes that her story will inspire other victims of domestic violence to speak up and seek help.

Image Credit:  The Indian Express

The actor has filed a complaint with the police and is determined to fight for justice.

Image Credit:  Times Of India

The ex-boyfriend has denied the allegations and claims that the actor is trying to defame him.

Image Credit:  She The People

The incident has sparked a conversation about the prevalence of domestic violence in relationships.

Image Credit:  She The People

Fans and fellow actors have come out in support of the actor and are sending messages of love and solidarity.

Image Credit: Google

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