Pankaj Kapur Reacts To 'Bheed' Being Labelled As An Anti-India Film

By Abhi Singh Image Credit: Google

Pankaj Kapur, the director of 'Bheed,' has responded to criticism that the film is anti-India.

Image Credit:  Mashabale India

The film, which explores the lives of migrants in Mumbai, has been accused of portraying India in a negative light.

Image Credit: Mashabale India

Kapur has stated that the film is not anti-India but rather a commentary on the challenges faced by migrants in the city.

Image Credit: Gulf News

The film has been praised for its sensitive portrayal of the lives of migrants and the issues they face.

Image Credit: Gulf News

'Bheed' has sparked a conversation on the portrayal of social issues in Indian cinema.

Image Credit:  Pune Mirror

Critics have praised the film for its realism and powerful performances by its cast.

Image Credit: Glamslam

The film has been well-received by audiences and has generated discussion on the struggles of marginalised communities in India.

Image Credit: Times Of india

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