Why Captain Rohit Sharma Unhappy with Ravindra Jadeja

By Abhi Singh www.balakvalue.in Image Credit: The Hindu

India wasted two DRS appeals due to Jadeja's close calls against Usman Khawaja, causing Rohit Sharma's frustration.

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Sharma went up for DRS twice, with the first being turned down and the second showing the ball had missed the stumps.

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Rohit Sharma's frustration with Jadeja's calls led him to swear at the left-arm spinner during the match.

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Ravindra Jadeja took all four wickets for Australia that day in the 3RD Test match.

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He broke the 96-run stand between Khawaja and Labuschagne, and also dismissed Head and Smith.

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During the match, Jadeja became the 2nd Indian player to score 5000 runs and take 500 wickets.

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Rohit Sharma missed out on a century in the match, falling just two runs short with a score of 98.

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The incident sparked a debate on the importance of communication and teamwork in cricket.

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