Why Has The Bollywood Stopped Making New Holi Songs

By Abhi Singh www.balakvalue.in Image Credit: Google

Lack of creativity in songwriting, leading to repetitive, too many songs exist on Holi and uninspiring songs.

Image Credit: NDTV

Holi songs have become a seasonal trend, limiting their shelf life and revenue potential.

Image Credit:  The Atlantic 

Social media backlash and calls for cultural appropriation have made producers wary of making Holi songs.

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Bollywood is shifting towards more socially conscious themes and away from traditional festivities.

Image Credit:  BBC Good Food

Pandemic-induced restrictions on public gatherings have reduced the demand for new Holi songs.

Image Credit:  CNN

The younger generation is less interested in traditional Holi celebrations and more interested in westernised party culture.

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The rise of remixes and remakes has led to a decline in original Holi songs.

Image Credit:  India TV  News

Bollywood is diversifying its offerings and exploring different genres, leaving Holi songs behind.

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